4 Fabulous Decorating hacks great for your home

Almost all of us want our homes to have a different style and decor. Homeowners also thought they need an interior designer to achieve the design they want.  But the good news is that you can now achieve your desired style and décor without compensating too much of your money. With these different fabulous decorating hacks, your home will turn into an amazing place.

5 Ways Floor-To-Ceiling Curtains 

1. Make your curtains flow to the floor

One of the best home décor hacks is the use of curtains. Curtains do add beauty to every home. One can maximize the curtains if he or she knows how to use them exactly.

The first hack design that you must do is to choose a curtain that will complement the designs of your home. Then, hang the curtains in such a way that they will touch the floor.

By doing this, you will achieve different beautiful effects. One of which is that your room will appear bigger and taller.  This gives your home an effect of height. Another good thing about this décor hack is that it can also protect your home from the sunlight. This is good for people who are not fond of too much light. But, those who love sunlight, can adjust the curtain by moving it sideward.  Please take note that there are available made to measure curtains.

Artificial Plants Décor

2. Putting and decorating unreal plants

This home décor hack is said to be the easiest thing to do. It does not cost much of your money. It will not also consume too much of your time and energy. You will just select the best spot to put this décor.

By adding these unreal plants as your décor, your home will achieve the freshness that you want. Your home will also give you a good sense of relaxation just by looking at these unreal plants.  These artificial plants are not hard to maintain because they are not real plants that need sunlight and water. You just need to clean this with a clean cloth to remove the dirt and dust.

Custom Pillowcases

3. Make a personalized pillowcases

This home décor might be time-consuming. It is because you will do everything on your own and the process takes time.

But, this can be a good bonding for your family. It can also be a pastime.

You can do this by choosing a fabric that you are not using. You can turn that fabric into the desired pillowcases that you want. You can also use your old dresses, towels, and shirts. And you will be amazed at the different color combinations.  You will also get some unique styles for your pillowcases. Another advantage of this home décor hack is that you can make your design and style. You can choose the colors that you want. You can also select the type of fabric that you desired.  By doing this, you will your pillowcases will complement the design of your home.

House Wall Painting

4. Paint your walls

You can do this by searching for unused paint in your home. You can mix different colors to arrive at the color that you desired.

One disadvantage of this is that you can choose the time whenever you want to paint. Also, if there is no paint available, you can buy it at the market. But, you must make sure that all of its ingredients are environmental-friendly.

By doing this, you are giving your home a different style. You can also choose whatever colors you want in a specific area.

It is also noted that curtains can be used for home décor hacks. There are many available made to measure curtains that you can choose from. These made to measure curtains are simply the best. They can provide you with the designs that you want.

But, in choosing these made to measure curtains, you must make sure that it complements your personality.


Our home is the only place wherein we feel the most comfortable. That is why we must take good care of it. One way is to décor it.

If you want it simple yet unique, you can use curtains. Many homeowners settle for made to measure curtains. it is because these made to measure curtains are different.

If you are curious about this made to measure curtains, catch attention with these handmade curtainsonly at Yorkshire Fabric Shop. So, the choice is yours when it comes to home décor hacks and using made to measure curtains.

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