APN Setting For Jio| 100% working trick.

Reliance Jio APN Setting for High Internet Speed.

Welcome to trickykings.tech In this article, I will show you APN Setting For Jio to get finally access the high-speed Internet as you need.

APN Setting For Jio gets you going and helps you stay connected with the rest of the world. APN settings activated on your phone, you also get high-speed Internet. If you want to switch to the new fast jio, then read this post to do it, and then enjoy high-speed JIO Internet and share it with your friends and family.

APN settings for Jio, you can also switch to high-speed JIO Internet on your mobile phone using the APN setting. You can browse the internet easily.

If you make the APN settings correctly, you can access the Internet from your smartphone. Resetting the APN settings resolves the data settings on your iPhone, iPad, and other Jio devices and does not affect other settings on your phone or tablet.

To get an Internet connection on your mobile device, users need to find and edit the correct JIO APN settings to increase JioFi’s slow Internet speed on the handset. That’s all you need to know about his API settings before you enjoy the high-speed connection.


APN Setting for android V4.0 and Above :-

  • Go to Setting.
  • Click on wireless and networks
  • Click Mobile Networks.
  • Access Point Names
  • Tap on Menu
  • Click on New APN
Name: internetServer: www.google.com
APN: JionetMMS Proxy: [ Not Set ]
Access Number: * 99 *** 1 # OR * 99 #MMS Port: [ Not Set ]
Proxy: [ Not Set ]Authentication type: [ Not set ]
Port: [ Not Set ]MCC: [ Not Set ]
Username: [ Not set ]Password: [ Not Set ]
MNC: [ Not Set ]APN Type: default,supl
APN Setting For Jio Table

Increase Internet Speed in Jio, working method in 2021..

If your data connection/speed is slow in Jio, try this way. I will give you some tips for increase your internet speed in Jio. If you apply these tricks to your mobile, You will see results. Your internet data speed can be increased in this way. Please follow this trick to Increase Internet Speed:-

  1. First You need to stop background apps “running in your mobile” They consume your internet in the background.
  2. Uninstall unwanted apps like( battery saver, Cpu cooler, internet speed booster, cleaner, etc.) These are fake and unwanted apps, they consume your data and storage also. These apps only harm your mobile.
  3. Try to clear your cache and app data for better performance and internet speed.
  4. Apply my APN Setting in your handset and Once you apply, Try to reboot your mobile.
  5. Always select manual, when you search internet in the setting option.

Try these steps on your mobile. I hope you enjoy this information in this article. Please share this article on social media and with your friends. So, they can also use our APN Setting For Jio to increase your internet speed. Thanks.

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