Classy Plus Traditional Pakistani Clothes In UK From Libas E Jamila

Libas e Jamilawhere we are providing you the best of Eastern clothes. People living in UK must be missing their type of traditional clothes. Here we are to help you in buying best attires for you in suitable prices. We are having Shalwar kameez Women with best fabric. As you all want good fabric for yourselves then you should take a look on our clothes. Because good fabric and best designs make a blast combination and all you need is blast combination. People who love traditional clothes and are from Asian countries like Pakistan and India must be in need of classy Shalwar Kameez in UK.

We provide what you are searching for

Every woman wants to look best in desi dresses because from that’s where they belong. Women find eastern clothes very impressive and they don’t find good eastern clothes in UK because not everyone is having our kind of unique style of clothes. We all know that best attires make us look elegant and we worked on everything to help you to look best in functions and casual meetings.

How to choose right attire for your occasion

Libas e Jamilais having all kind of designs which you want for yourselves. Every woman wants to look best in every attire but Shalwar kameez makes you to look more stylish and elegant. Shalwar kameez and dupatta are very common for the people living in Pakistan and India. But the people who belong to these countries are still having their roots in Pakistan and India. And there is only option to carry your roots by wearing eastern clothes so they can’t miss them. Women love to wear shalwar kameez in UK because they represent their roots.

Why should you wear Shalwar kameez

There are different dresses for different occasions. Shalwar kameez is the most popular among them that can be worn on many occasions. Shalwar kameez is a proper western dress. People who belong to Pakistan and India wear shalwar kameez because of their culture. Shalwar kameez and dupatta is a three-piece suit which women wear normally. Shalwar kameez makes you look classier and more elegant. Most women like to wear shalwar kameez because of their traditional values. Shalwar kameez is the easiest and most comfortable outfit to wear. Casual fabric cloth is very light so you can wear it anywhere, anytime. Sometimes all you need is a simple outfit to really be the belle of the ball. The best and easiest way to do this is to wear shalwar kameez. All women want light clothes in summers with good designs and our brand is having all of them.

Types of shalwar kameez

There are different types of shalwar kameez which will make you look more beautiful and Libas e Jamila is providing you those all different types. Different types include kurta pajama, frocks with churidar, kameez with straight pant trousers, short style kameez with patiala shalwar, short shirts with capris, long shirts with plazzo, dhoti shalwar with kameez, sharara, gharara, sarees and a lot more.

Different colours and designs

What are the two components that transform regular Indian/ Pakistani women traditional wear into an awesome one? It is the unique and exclusive embroidery work and the attractive colour combination of these outfits that makes them so special and different from formal western attires. The history of embroidery dates back to the time when man first mastered the art of sewing itself. Once humans started to cover their bodies with pieces of clothes, wear and tear of the fabrics also started, and people used patches and designs to mend these tears. Gradually, they started to experiment with the sewing process and came up with methods to decorate their apparel. They started to create thread designs along with decorations done with beads and stones. And this gave birth to modern day embroidery, and the process is very much alive even today where we still see hand embroidery designs for salwar kameez.

The Colour you wear tells a lot about your personal preferences, your mood, your likes and dislikes and more importantly your character. But many times, the colour of an outfit you choose is determined by the ambiance of the occasion or event you are attending. Colours play a crucial role in all types of clothing, be it western dresses or traditional salwar suits. Wearing a salwar kameez with the right colour not only makes you look and feel good but also helps to improve confidence and self-esteem. It is essential to choose the right colour combination for salwar kameez as per your skin tone.


There is different type of fabrics in shalwar kameez which makes you look beautiful and different from others. Fabric plays a very important role in shalwar kameez because elegance of clothes occurs through good fabric. But yes, if you are not wearing good fabric than you must be looking not that good in those clothes but if you are wearing good fabric than definitely you will shine in all women. And women always want to shine in all gatherings either it’s Eid, a birthday party or a casual meeting. Women always want the best attires for themselves to look best in all and to be honest your clothes matter a lot. You represent yourself by your clothing style and if you are not wearing elegant styles than why will anyone focus on you ladies? So, if you want to look best everyday than you should take a look on your clothes and they will surely help you carrying yourself in a good manner.

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