Clear speakers to remove dust from your smartphone!

In this post, Today, I will show you how can you clear speakers to remove dust from your smartphone. Read the full article completely, I will give you a hidden mobile trick that you have never seen before.

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With your brand new smartphone, you can do many cool things and you can use tricks and hidden features to improve the way you use it. There are shortcuts and tricks that can be useful while using your phone, such as taking screenshots. This is a hidden camera that is useful when you are taking overhead shots of things. Now, I will tell you how to clear your speaker to remove dust.

How to clear speakers to remove dust?

This trick is for all smartphone users. If your mobile speaker has low sound and it have tayed by little dust. So, this article is for you. follow me, do not skip any steps. I will tell you about a hidden setting on your smartphone. you can clean your mobile speaker by this steps:-

  • Go to settings.

Click on Additional settings.

  • Then click on Clear speaker.
  • A popup message apeare, click on Got it.

This process will clean your speakers. A 30 second loudly sound will help you to clean your speakers. If you think, some water drops and heavy dust have stayed in your speakers. so repeat this process at least 3-4 times. Thanks.

Second method to clean mobile speakers.

If you have other UI in your smartphone. And you do not have a “clear speaker” feature. Then you need to download an app name ” Speaker cleaner- Remove water & fix sound”. The process is all over the same. This app really works for clear speakers on your smartphone. You can download it by search on the play store. And you can download it by this direct link:-

Click here

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