How to Close a laptop when it is browsing?

Hello, welcome to Here I am providing mobile and pc tips and tricks, tech information, apps, and Blogging. Today I will discuss “How to Close a laptop when it is browsing”.There are various ways to shut down the Internet system, whether you are using Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Google Chrome applications. If the program does not shut down using both basic strategies, you can use the Windows task manager to run the program to shut down. You may need to use the Windows Task Manager if the system is plugged in or frozen and not working.


Follow these steps:-

Step 1:- Click on the browser icon under “Applications” and select “Finish Task.” This will force the browser to shut down when stopped, although it may take a few seconds. Click “Finish Now” when you see the browser alert window.

Step 2:- Press ” Alt+ F4″ both keys at the same time. A pop will open. Select ” Sleep” and click on it. Now your pc is in sleep mode. when you come back, your running programs will appear again. When do you think, I want to Close my pc when it is browsing? Just turn your PC in Sleep mode.

Step 3:- Next option is, when you browsing in pc, And want to close your pc without saving your work. Just ” close your pc lead”. This is the best way to close your pc when it is browsing.

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