How to root the mobile phone with PC

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What is Mobile Rooting?

Rooting is a system that allows users of smartphones, tablets, and other devices running the Android mobile system to gain access to a license (known as root access) on many different Android systems.

As Android uses the Linux kernel, rooting the Android device provides access to administrative rights (superuser) such as Linux or another Unix-like program like FreeBSD or macOS.In this article in will show you” How to root the mobile phone with PC” So, let’s began.

The rampant corruption is done with the intention of overcoming the barriers that manufacturers and manufacturers of other devices have to deal with. So weed control gives you the power (or right) to modify or install other system programs and settings, to use special programs (“apps”) that require administrator-level privileges, or to perform other normal Android functions device removal and replacement, usually with a newer version of the current app. 4 0a4
Root access is sometimes compared to jailbreaking devices running the Apple iOS system. However, here are some different ideas: Jail breach violates Apple’s restricted end-user rules, including modifying the operating system (forced by the “locked” app bootloader), installing unauthorized apps (not available in the App Store) for download. aside from granting increased permits at the regulatory level (rampant corruption). Many providers such as HTC, Sony, LG, Asus, and Google offer the option to unlock the devices and completely restore the operating system. Similarly, the ability to reload apps is often allowed on Android devices without root permissions, so it’s basically the third aspect of iOS jailbreaking (which gives users administrative rights) most closely related to Android participation.” How to root the mobile phone with PC”.Follow me.

Benefits of Mobile Root:-

  • Battery development. Battery life is an important part of any device.
  • Better fuses. Like your computer, the phone contains a lot of information and media that should be backed up from time to time.
  • Custom ROMs.
  • Deep Automation.
  • Excessive adaptation.
  • Free modem.
  • Magisk & Xposed Modules.
  • Very powerful apps.

There are three great steps to pick up your phone:

  • Open the bootloader
  • Turn on custom recovery
  • Turn on the root solution of your choice

How to root the mobile phone with PC?

Unlocking Bootloader:

Unlocking the bootloader is a process where the limit set by the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) in the bootloader is removed from taking flash commands from the fastboot.

Before doing anything on your phone, back up everything you need to your computer. Also, charge your phone at least 80% for safe.

  • Go to Settings> System> Developer Options> enable OEM unlock
  • Also, enable USB debugging
  • Connect your phone to the PC
  • Open cmd or Power shell in the folder containing the ADB and fastboot you downloaded (Shift + right-click on the folder)
  • type command ADB devices;

This command displays a list of Android devices connected to a computer. This will open a popup on your phone to ask if you want an ADB connection, choose to allow always. Enabling this command will indicate “unauthorized” if it does not allow the connection. use the command again to make sure the bully doesn’t appear again.
Next we will restart the bootloader partition of your phone, in that boy type the command $ adb reboot bootloader.
Once in bootloader adb will not work, only fastboot commands. Now we want to unlock the phone. Keep in mind that if you unlock your bootloader, skipping the most important feature of phone security, for this reason, it will automatically perform a factory reset on your phone and you will lose all your data so don’t forget the backup part. The command is very simple: $ fastboot OEM unlock; That’s it, your phone will open the bootloader and clean your phone.
Your phone will restart as a brand new phone out of the factory, you will see that you have lost all your data. This is a good sign, which means 40 to 4 You will find that there are other ways to access the bootloader, but I like this method because it looks great and you don’t have to hold many buttons on your phone. 40 to 4 40 to 4 NOTE: This method is normal and will not. applies to all phones, for example, redmi has a completely different way to unlock the bootloader, Zenphone Max Pro unlocked using script file. So, check the internet to see how to unlock the bootloader on your phone.

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At present, all phones use the same steps. Get a custom recovery for your phone, my suggestion would be to stick to TWRP recovery, other recovery solutions like CWM, etc. Find a custom recovery file for your phone, you will find it on the official TWRP website or look at XDA phone group forums. Once you have found the recovery file (it is an .img file), copy it to the ADB-Fastboot folder you already had. Now you can continue to light it up. Remember NEVER flashed to FIND OUT ON OTHER PHONES.

To access your phone’s bootloader, you may need to repeat the steps you mentioned above to unlock, just do not use the unlock command for this.
When ready, type the following command: $ fastboot flash recovery recoveryfile.img; recoveryfile.img is a recovery file that you downloaded and renamed accordingly.
After you turn on the custom recovery mode for $ fastboot reboot recovery, this is not a normal command so your phone did not respond (and mine did not answer, but my friend’s phone). If it does not respond to the fast fast $ bootboat that will work anyway, but we do not want that, after you have completed the above command simultaneously press the volume up and down power button (or the volume down and power is appropriate with your phone to start recovery mode).
The reason I did not work again is that some phone ROMs will replace custom recovery and product updates while restarting.


Download the root of your choice I would recommend using Magisk root, as it follows the random root process. Works well).

When you enter the custom recovery, you may receive a message that internal storage is locked and you can still open something, you can ignore it, but only if you intend to promote your product. may need to enable disconnection (some calls will not bother you). (Supporting android is a good idea, but I won’t discuss it here because it has been around for a long time, search it online).

The root zip file can be saved on the sd card or in the Pendrive cable (you should) do this before starting the whole process).

In the twrp menu click Install, another page will open where you will select the zip file to insert.
tap to select storage and select the option where you saved the zip file (SD card or USB drive)
locate your root zip file in the list and tap on it, then swipe right to highlight. failed red messages you were able to clear the root zip, now clear the cache and restart your phone (these options will appear after flash).


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