How to change Whatsapp Fonts in android?

Changing Whatsapp fonts?

Welcome to How to change WhatsApp font style on WhatsApp is easy to change Whatsapp fonts and get a 100% font style for your type. This is the best way to find paid fonts that are similar to paid fonts, just as you find paid fonts.

You can change your style without leaving WhatsApp, and you can make even more changes to your font style through third-party websites and apps. You can enter any app other than WhatsApp to read the stylized message you want. Select the Strikethrough app here and repeatedly select the text you want and paste the text as you have formatted it. Below you will learn how to change font size, font and font size, copy and paste text to format it, and how to replace or overwrite the current formatting.

While we recommend using an online tool for this purpose, as there are many types of fonts, it allows you to send a stylish text while chatting with WhatsApp, which is definitely a good option. If you frequently change your WhatsApp font style, it is better to use a dedicated app, but we recommend you use this method if you want to create stylish fonts individually.

You can also use third-party fonts and you can send them with some great free apps. Stylish text lets you write a stylish text while typing and sending messages in the app, while WhatsApp gives the impression you’re using a different font.

Try these ways to change your whatsapp fonts.

  • If you want to add a fancy font to your WhatsApp biography, you can use the online tools discussed above, but if you use the mobile version, it works just as well.
  • You can change the font style of your WhatsApp message, as well as the color of the text in the message itself, such as red, green, blue, yellow, orange, black, etc.
  • Another way to change the WhatsApp font is to write in crossed-out text, which is often a prank to say something that shouldn’t be said, such as saying something that indicates a word has escaped.
  • Use the bold text on WhatsApp to make your text bold, but remember that the other person will see the font before you change it. Simply add the asterisk icon in the text and add an underscore symbol, or use the italic font style to change the text in WhatsApp.

Change Whatsapp fonts by App.

This app is available on Google Play and App Store. An easy tool to install and use. How to install it and get started:

  • Download the font app from the play store.
  • Access Fonts and click on “Enable Letter Keyboard”.
  • Select Fonts as the virtual keyboard.
  • Go back to the app and click on ‘Switch to fonts’.
  • Change fonts as your main keyboard.


If you go back to Whatsapp and open the keyboard in any conversation you will see that, at the top, all available fonts appear. Choose the one you like best.

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