Why Streaming Platforms Are Better Than Cable TV? 11 Reasons to Choose YouTube TV

Why Streaming Platforms Are Better Than Cable TV? 11 Reasons to Choose YouTube TV

Cable TVs have made our childhood happier and better but it’s about time those conventional modes of entertainment are not suitable according to the needs of today’s generation. The world is now advanced and equipped with lots of technology that makes life more personalized and easier each day. With more than 250 streaming services in the USA, consumers have now entered a new era of entertainment. Streaming platforms are one such advent that allows the user to get entertained at their own convenience and choice. 


There are various streaming platforms each one with a different set of features and varying rates. But one thing that remains common with these platforms is that they take customer preference and personalization to a whole new level. If you have been switching between the idea of whether or not to get rid of your old Cable TV and invest in a streaming platform then here are several reasons why you should make this switch. 

Many Choices

More choices mean more competition and it also means better service and better prices. Unlike cable TV which is almost the same for everyone, there are many streaming platforms to choose from? With the type of competition, each streaming service is exposed to they all try to become better and offer great services. This acts as a great benefit for the user who is spending their hard-earned money in the name of entertainment. 

Competitive Services

Similar to the previous ones, we all judge a platform through the features it offers. The additional features at the same price act as a reason why we would opt for a service as opposed to another. Some streaming platforms release recurring sales, some introduce bonuses while some have discount coupons to attract the users. One of the best deals is the YouTube movie coupon which attracts viewers to the YouTube service more than ever. 

You Cannot Control the TV

Remember when we were young and waited for a commercial break between our favorite shows to get our chores done? The two to three-minute strict timeline made all of us an emotional wreck. Not to mention the ending of an episode on a cliffhanger or how the tempo broke with just a single break. 

With the help of a streaming platform, you are no longer anxious to get a bag of chips and drink from the fridge and make it back in time. Unlike cable TV you can control streaming channels at your own convenience. A simple play and pause button can make you enjoy all the scenes and you can replay the adrenaline rush as many times as you like. 


The flexibility of time, the flexibility of the package chosen, and even the flexibility of the device. A streaming platform comes in usually in an app and website form and you can log in to all your devices and enjoy on the relevant device. If you want a big movie session with your friends, the TV screen is a great choice or if you wish to finish an episode on the way then log in to your phone and get the needful content. 

Personalized Content

Personalized content comes to you without having to say. Once you are discovered to take interest in a certain genre more than the other, the next time you log in your streaming platform will show the top recommendations for you. This personalization makes it easier to watch everything you love and not miss any of your favorite shows.  

Wish List

We all make a watch list in our minds and when the time comes to watch a movie one cannot remember a single name. This is a common trick our mind plays and we end up disappointed with nothing to watch. Thanks to the streaming platforms you can add all your favorite movies to your watch list. Every time you wish to watch something just go to your wish list and choose a movie according to your type.  


A cable TV sure contains a lot of channels but you cannot control what each channel is showing. Sure, we don’t recommend you to be a control freak each mood demands a different kind of movie. You may want to enjoy horror, romance, comedy, or even a thriller depending on the mood or type of company you have. 

With a streaming platform, the shows and movies are categorized based on the genres and you can easily select the one you wish to watch. This saves you time and serves you better. 

High Quality

Streaming platforms come in different packages where you pay more for a better quality such as HD or ultra HD. This gives you a chance to decide on the type of experience you wish to have with the platform. If you are not willing to pay the maximum fee then you can select a package with lower quality thus another way to gain control over the amount you pay to get entertained. 

Saves you Money

Not many people would agree to this but streaming platforms such as HBO, Netflix, and YouTube Movie all help you save money. In no way they are cheaper than a traditional cable service but they give you control over when or when not to spend. For instance, you can control the package you choose and manage the content quality to pay accordingly. 

Easy Termination

A streaming service like YouTube TV or Netflix has no commitment, which means you may quit at any time and pay no cancellation fees. Many cable companies, such as Spectrum, provide no-contract service; however, other providers need you to sign a contract for a year or two in order to receive service, and there will be an early termination charge. You may unsubscribe anytime you want even for a month and subscribe again. Streaming platforms do not have any hidden fees nor additional installment charges. 

Variety and Innovation

YouTube movie producers are not constrained by the same rules and industry norms as television and film executives, allowing them to create more entertaining and unique material! You Tubers are always pushing the boundaries of content creation, using different components of new media and the power of the internet to improve the end user’s (you) experience!

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